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Ingenuity to build a dream"——Xinyuan Electronics SMT + AOI program editing skills competition won the success

On September 17, the Group Controller SMT + AOI Programming Skills Editing Competition spoored by Zhuhai Gree Electrical Appliance Trade Union and spoored by Controller Branch officially opened in Gemini. In this competition, our controller factory A

After the typhoon, we went all out to rescue the disaster.

Typhoon No. 22, "mangosteen" surged, and the typhoon raged. After an outbreak of typhoon "baptism", September 17th morning sky gradually clear, due to adequate preparation, the company intact, as usual to start pro

The company leaders went deep into the electrolytic capacitors

The new plant of Xinyuan Electronic Electrolytic Capacitor Branch has entered the production stage. The general manager of the company, Yuan Weigang, is very concerned about the overall operation of the branch. On the morning of Septe

The spirit of the speech delivered by general secretary Xi Jinping at the closing session of the thirteen National People Congress at GREE Xinyuan study

3月21日正午,新元党支部、工会立刻相应公司董明珠董事长的指导,立刻构造公司指导、各部门中干及全部党员卖力学习习远仄总书记正在十三届全国人大一次会议上的重要讲话肉体。 on March 21 afternoon , Our company Party branch and the trade union immediately responded to the itructio of the chairman of the board of directo of th

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